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Letter from the CEO- Dee Barker


September 2020 

First, I want to thank BBI’s investors, partners, employees and other stakeholders who have supported the company as we developed, patented and incorporated AI into our View2Lose app.

Second, now that View2Lose is in both app stores, the goal is to drive downloads. To do so:

· We are kicking off a Series A raise. The funds are for driving awareness of View2Lose among consumers via PR and Digital.

· Once we generate significant consumer downloads, we are poised to reach back out to the enterprise organizations who expressed interest in the platform and crystallize our relationships.

Ultimately, my vision is to make a significant impact on preventing and reversing diabetes by providing actionable data to users. 

  • To that end,  these aforementioned efforts help double our body composition database every six weeks as users are reminded to re-take their photo and see their improved measurements.

  • By better understanding how bodies change with weight loss while tracking Waist to Height Ratio, I believe we will uncover insights that will allow us to inform users when they are about to be at-risk, at-risk and when they are no longer at risk. 

In my decades of battling diabetes, I've seen that visualization and actionable data impacts behavior. I think V2L will allow us to finally do so on global level.

Yours in Health,

Dee Barker

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