Letter from the CEO- Dee Barker

September 2020 

My passion for health and fitness culminated in the creation of the Better Body Image Corporation (BBI). My focus on helping people with chronic conditions, coupled with the skyrocketing rates of obesity globally, inspired me to start BBI  and create a tool that could help everyone lose weight.  The View2Lose app (Patented, AI) is powered by the body data research I have collected and analyzed for 25 years. With View2Lose, BBI  strives to change lives through knowledge and visualization based on real data so that you can achieve better health.  

My experience in this field has afforded me insights into the wellness industry, which is overwhelmed with more noise every year – more ads, new exercise fads, mega-gyms, not to mention the latest “lose-weight-fast-diet-plan” of the month. I knew consumers were inundated with mis-information and false promises that eventually result in giving up on any kind of weight loss plan because this noise creates unrealistic expectations.

With the global launch of the View2Lose application,  I believe we finally have a tool that can work with any existing weight management or health care platform to help users stay focused and committed to their weight loss goals. 

BBI, in collaboration with strategic partners, AI Ventures and Strategikon Health, will help millions of users achieve their weight loss goals.

Our patented product - View2 Lose - is  predictive (AI), accurate and motivational. Three paid pilots proved that View2Lose users stick to their weight loss programming at twice the rate of non-users.

We are expanding throughout US and Asia-Pacific territories. To do so, we are currently raising over $2 million (USD) in our Series A funding round.  We look forward to on-boarding our new investors as we strive to reach 10 million downloads.


We are ethical and transparent in our efforts to show users what realistic weight loss goals actually look like. Better Body Image's data -based and predictive approach is setting realistic expectations so users actually stay committed to weight loss and don't give up. 

Dee Barker 

[CEO | Better Body Image Inc. ]

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