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BBI’s Two Visual Technologies Help Decrease Risk of Type 2 Diabetes   

Founder and Exercise Specialist Dee Barker Says, “The economic burden of Type 2 Diabetes will reach over $278 Billion. Yet, this disease is preventable by keeping track of your Waist to Height Ratio. Our patented, predictive (AI) technology makes this easy to do.” 


Pittsburgh, PA, March 23, 2017

What if every American spent as much time focusing on better health as they did on better wealth? Would there be a healthcare crisis right now? These are the issues concerning Dee Barker, CEO of Better Body Image Corporation. Barker explains, “I lost six immediate family members, including my mother, to health issues related to diabetes. My vow is to help people understand that diabetes is largely a silent disease which wreaks havoc on your vital organs. ”  the onset of diabetes is directly related to being overweight or obese.


Barker continues, “We created two patent pending visual technologies, BBI and View2Lose, to help people decrease their risk of Type 2 Diabetes. View2Lose accurately measures you via your smart phone photo so you know your Waist to Height Ratio. Then, BBI shows you how you will actually look with realistic weight loss. BBI is proven to motivate users. ” View2Lose and BBI are available in both app stores. With View2Lose, it only takes seconds to get an accurate measurement.   


Most people only find they have Type 2 if they are tested. It’s a deadly disease, but it is preventable. One of the first steps is to keep track of your Waist to Height Ratio. While most of the population know their height, very few know their actual waist size. 85% of adults believe their pant size is their waist size despite that this is not accurate.      



How do you know if you are at risk? Your Height to Waist Ratio needs to be less than 2:1. So, just divide your height in inches in half. Your waist size should be below that number. For example, an adult who is 6 ft. tall is 72 inches. So, a healthy waist size would be below 36 inches.   


The first version of SMR was recently released in January 2017. The next version will include a health feature that alerts users with waist sizes that are abnormally high that they are at risk.  

So what are you waiting for? Download View2Lose and begin a healthier lifestyle. 


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