Introducing BBI

BBI ™ is a population health and wellness management system that is based on a 15 year concept. This concept has proven to help thousands of individuals stay focused on their health and wellness goals and change behavior.  For over a decade, BBI has retained users at twice industry averages  via:

Visualization: The best way to stay motivated  to reach your goal is to visualize it.

Personalization: Different body types lose weight in different ways. So, you need an exercise plan that is customized for your body type in order to maximize results. 

Patent Pending Technology Features

BBI ™ is a revolutionary visualization technology that was developed using 15 years of body change data. Only BBI can do the following all via smart phone (SaaS):

  • Visualize accurately how any body will look with weight loss/gain and store the information so users can see changes over time.
  • Provide accurate measurements of any body part.
  • Determine Basal Metabolic Rate and how it may need to be adjusted for weight loss/gain.
  • Deliver customized exercise programs based on body type and caloric needs based on basal metabolic rate and activity.
  • Capture age, height, weight, caloric intake and exercise engagement of users.
  • Store all this data so users can see progress or identify issues.
  • Provide data analytics to our customers who can assess the impact of BBI on the workforce, patient or client group. 

Who Needs the Platform

  • Corporate Wellness Companies: Differentiate your wellness solution vs others;  Measure adoption, engagement and retention; Analyze results.
  • Hospitals/Health Care Systems: Decrease health care costs related to recurring visits/admissions by accurately evaluating patient compliance and outcome. Broaden health care professionals' reach and communication to patients. 
  • Insurance Companies:  Decrease healthcare costs and evaluate patient outcomes. Broaden reach and communication to patients. 
  • Small Businesses: Offer employees an easy to use wellness program with improved participation and retention.  Engage your employees with weight loss contests and other customizable options; all at an affordable cost.
  • Physical Therapists / Coaches:  Expands the reach and frequency of contact via mobile;   Collect and store data so you can evaluate progress and outcomes.
  • Health Clubs / Gyms: - Increase revenues by improving  retention; Differentiate your club and programs.
Dee Barkeris an exercise physiologist, wellness expert,  trainer, marathon runner, athlete, TV and radio personality and former COO of a major national health club chain who became a successful entrepreneur. She created and sold three successful health clubs which are all still operating today.

Over the past 15 years, she has collected and analyzed body change data in order to help individuals visualize how their specific body types will change with weight loss / gain in order to help change behavior.  With BBI, she achieved a retention rate of 70% annually. 

Behind BBI

How she did it: 

1. Measured each client in 8 spots - arms, chest, waist, hip, abdomen and thighs

2. Created an exercise program customized based client's body type and goals.

3. Re-measured every 6 weeks and created a new program

Dee collected, stored and analyzed thousands of data points. The data allowed her to accurately predict how body shapes changed based on the 4 body types she identified. 

This data powers BBI's patent pending technology. By accessing BBI's API Modules, your employees, clients and patients can benefit from BBI too. 

Meet Our API Modules

Better Body Image offers five separate API modules which allow companies to view never-before-collected data. BBI can be used as a single health and wellness system or each individual API can be accessed separately. BBI is a ready-made solution (Software Developer Kit),   SaaS.
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Participation and Engagement Evaluation
Don't rely on self-reporting. Track participation, frequency of use and length of engagement. 
var better.body.image = require("bbi")(
Body Change Visualization Over Time
Monitor body changes to determine if goals are being met. BBI's technology is so accurate that it can visualize changes due to weight loss, gain, swelling, atrophy, etc. It's that accurate!
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  api_key: "sk_test_BQokikJOvBiI2HlWgH4olfQ2"
Basel Metabolic Rate Identification and Targeting
Basel Metabolic Rate is the amount of energy needed to perform basic physiological needs like breathing, all organs working and the flow of oxygenated blood throughout our system. If the desire is to lose, gain, or maintain weight,  this information is crucial.
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  api_key: "sk_test_BQokikJOvBiI2HlWgH4olfQ2"
Records Calories and Activity
The most effective weight management is the understanding and tracking of calories in vs activity. Understand if your employee/patient/client is doing the physical activities necessary to meet their health goals. Collecting this data shows us what is working/what isn't. 
body.mass.retrieve("ch_192SPN2eZvKYlo2C3Dz4Vvkh", {
  api_key: "sk_test_BQokikJOvBiI2HlWgH4olfQ2"
Determines and Stores Accurate  Body Measurements
BBI virtual measuring tool can determine and store exact body dimensions with100% accuracy easily via a smart phone photo.  

Meet Our Team.

Dee Barker CEO is a visionary and successful entrepreneur. She owned and operated one of the country’s most successful personal training facilities – The Center for Personal Training which was one-of-a-kind in the original concept. She has completed 18 marathons and has trained a range of clients. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, she was the Vice President of Operations (East Coast Region) – Elaine Powers – The nation’s largest health club chain.  
John Voytko COO/CTO  is a sales oriented technology executive with expertise in lean start-up methodology, software development, and new product launches.  He has 20+ years of experience in operations, technology, and sales.  He has a B.S. in Engineering from Pennsylvania State University and a M.S. in Management from Carnegie Mellon University. 
Sophia Tambouratzis is an award-winning marketing veteran. She has been formally recognized for her expertise by Advertising Age and The Chicago Tribune as well as Kraft Foods,  and Foote, Cone and Belding. She earned her MBA from Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School of Business where she is also an adjunct professor. 
John Dunn was formerly the Managing Director of PNC Capital Markets, Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory Group. He currently provides M&A consulting services, is a Council Member for the 
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland (Pittsburgh Branch), and teaches economics at Robert Morris University. 
Prior to joining Lyft, Gyre Renwick  was the Head of Industry, Health Services at Google. In his role at Google, he focused on providing strategy and support to top Healthcare partners across all of Google products globally. He championed using technology to help people monitor and improve their health.  
Mark Matthews is a software developer whose passion for technology enabled him to crystallize Dee’s vision. He is a Senior Level Engineer who is experienced in multiple languages/databases and is adept at understanding and learning new technologies. 
Rich Yeager is an IT Infrastructure and data architecture expert with 20+ years of experience building and managing large-scale database implementations and scalable cloud-based projects.  He has a B.S. in computer science from Duquesne University. 
Josh Mclyntyre spearheads sales and service for BBI. He initiates and manages all corporate health and wellness accounts. Josh is a fitness and health expert who has been involved in many areas of the business including speed training, personal training, and general management.
Prior to joining the PLSG, Jim Jordan served as Senior Vice President of a $3 billion division of McKesson Corporation, a leading distributor of health care systems, medical supplies and pharmaceutical products, and as a Vice President for Marketing at Johnson & Johnson.  

BBI in the Press

Started in 2012, BBI has managed to appear in many fitness magazines as well as being talked about and featured on TV, radio shows and newspapers. 

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